About us:

We’re a small team of nerds originating from the cold north known as scandinavia. Our hosting services are provided by our dedicated servers located in the absolute best datacenter in Germany with “data highways” all across the world. We chose to use their datacenter for many reasons but the most important reason was for their connections and location. Not only do they have staff on location 24/7 but they also use top shelf products to make sure our services run smoothly with them.

Our goals & ambitions:

We strive to offer superior services compared to the big names in the industry. It’s hard to catch some ground as a newcomer but we have developed ways to try and combat that. Not only do we offer cheap, quality web hosting but we also tend to include tons of extras for free that the big companies miss. Such as MailChannels (a paid Email service to make sure your emails don’t end up in spam which they tend to do when using shared hosting), free VPN’s and most important of all, full transparency and honesty. We’re not going to squeeze you for extra money, you pay exactly what it says and no more “extras” here and there. That means there are no cancellation fees, no fees to get a proper fully functional email, we really do believe in change. We’re tired of the big companies offering sub-par services just to squeeze you for your hard earned money.

Are you an entrepreneur?

We love working hands-on with our clients that have big ideas.

If you’re planning on bringing over a large pool of clients it’s highly recommended that you get in touch with us as we can help you with the logistics of it as well as provide proper recommendations and offer solutions that could optimize it all for you and your clients.

And not only that, we’re also going to be able to offer you a big rebate as a thank you for helping us grow together.

We’re here to make a name for ourselves and change how the industry operates.

Choose us when you want a superior product at a superior price point.

Choose us when you want a long lasting personal relationship with the people that will make your projects come to life.

Don’t be afraid to drop by just to say hello or inquire about our services and how we will make sure you’ll never want to switch hosts.

We’re here to stay, feel free to join us.



We're always here for you if you need us!