For Personal Websites
/per month
100GB Bandwidth
1 Email Account
+A Lot More
For Portfolios
/per month
150GB Bandwidth
5 Email Accounts
+A Lot More
For Smaller Businesses
/per month
250GB Bandwidth
25 Email Accounts
+A Lot More
For Normal Businesses
/per month
1TB Bandwidth
* Email Accounts
+A Lot More

Yeah, you read those prices right.

We allow you to run a professional website for you or your business for less than a bag of salted peanuts.
Extras included in all hosting packages
These paid services are free for our customers to use.
Premium Email Delivery Service Using Mailchannels
Unlimited SSL Certificates
Softaculous 1-Click App Installer
Cpanel Control Panel
LiteSpeed Web Server
LS Cashe
KernelCare Security
Frankfurt High Speed Datacenter
2 Months Hosting Completely Free When Purchasing A 1 Year Plan
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So what's the catch?
Lets end company greed
There is no catch. You get an extremely good hosting service that cares more about the customers than the paycheck we get for your order.
Learn more about our goals and get to know us in our "About Us"-page
Do you offer any other type of hosting services?
As of now, no.
We chose to focus all of our resources and attention towards developing the absolute best shared hosting plans there are. You don't go to a Pizzeria to purchase shoes, so why would you purchase shared hosting from a company focused on dedicated servers.
Learn more about our goals and get to know us in our "About Us"-page
Free VPN Offer
Yep, FREE!
For a limited time we're offering a free VPN with your order. You will get a .ovpn file to use with the OpenVPN Client. Location: NL (Netherlands) or PL (Poland) 0 Logs however we do ask that you avoid conducting illegal activites while using our VPN Servers. Open a ticket after your purchase and just mention " Free VPN ".
Open VPN CLient
Our Servers Runs On The Latest & Greatest Hardware , Maintains A Solid Uptime Of 99.9% , Have Staff On Location At All Times , Won't Dissapoint You

Our servers are safely located in Frankfurt, Germany with staff on location at all times to maintain high uptime & keep our services running smooth.

We choose What's Right , What's the Most Viable Option , The Best Hardware For You.

We chose to primarily use SSD’s (Solid State Drives) due to their incredible performance benefits compared to a regular disk drive (HDD). Not only are our SSD’s about x10 faster than a HDD but they’re also more reliable to run with a much smaller chanse of failure resulting in dataloss.

The only downside to using SSD’s are that you get less storage for the price but we feel it’s an obvious choise to go with due to the reasons mentioned above.


We're always here for you if you need us!